• Cum Laude Blue

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Stores and bars

Find out where you can buy or taste our beers on this map. 



September 2012 - Our 30th birthday

It all started on our 30th birthday.

For some years my brother and I had been tasting and collecting all kinds of Belgian and foreign beers and had built up quite a collection.

Since we were so interested in learning about beer and also the creation of different kinds of beers our wives bought us a subscription for a homebrewing course at the Alvinne brewery.

Inspired by what we learned at the brewery course, we started gathering the necessary equipment for assembling our own brewery installation and started to experiment.

June 2014 - Brouwland Beer Competition

In June 2014 our 5th brew experiment got awarded with the price for Best Hobbybeer of The Low Countries at the Brouwland Beer Competition.

The price included 500L of our beer, brewed by brewery Anders, and also a distribution in Delhaize during 3 months.

Since this was the perfect launching pad to continue our hobby in a more professional manner we decided to found our own company. 

October 2014 - Inglorious Brew Stars BVBA

We officially started our new enterprise in October 2014.

Continuing our collaboration with brewery Anders we focused on distributing our beers in local bars and stores, while continuing to experiment with new recipes.

March 2015 - Cum Laude Blue

In March 2015 we launched our second beer 'Cum Laude', which we created to be the house beer of the University of Antwerp.

Cum Laude Blue

October 2015 - Brussels Beer Challenge

In October 2015 our Inglorious Quad beer won the gold medal in the worldwide beer competition Brussels Beer Challenge.

February 2016 - Inglorious Quad Whisky Barrel Aged

February 2016 we launched our 3th beer, a limited edition Inglorious Quad aged on whisky barrels from the Belgian distillery 'The Belgian Owl'.

Inglorious Quad Whisky Infused

May 2016 - Amis Fleur

On May 20th the Amis Fleur beer was presented to the press. A beer created for the 65th birthday of Bloemencorso Loenhout.

September 2017 - Cum Laude Red (2017-2018)

In September 2017 'Cum Laude Red' was launched, a red/brown beer, brewed with hazelnuts, as the second house beer of the University of Antwerp.

Cum Laude Red

April 2018 - Trip3l (collaboration brew with DOM Brewery)

Our first collaboration brew. A heavy 11% tripel brewed together with Jef Pirens from DOM Brewery.

June 2018 - Inglorious Quad Whisky Infused

Our Inglorious Quad beer with addition of Belgian Owl whisky.

Inglorious Quad Whisky Infused

September 2018 - Cum Laude Red (2018-2019)

Cum Laude Red with a new recipe. This time walnuts were added during the brewing process and also some dark roasted malts.

Cum Laude Red

September 2019 - Cum Laude Red (2019-2020)

Cum Laude Red with a orange and oak flavours.

Cum Laude Red

Januari 2020 - Jackie Black

Jackie Black, a delicious dark stout with vanilla and chocolate flavours.

December 2023 - Cum Laude Non-Alcoholic

Cum Laude Non-Alcoholic is an blond, hoppy, IPA-style beer with only 0.5% ABV!